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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bollywood's new trademark!

They say that only 2 products sell in India, one is cricket and the other is Bollywood. The word "sell" has been made a literal term these days, seeing the way bollywood evolve in the manner it has over the past few years. While on one side there are the dedicated breed of Actors like Aamir Khan who prefer quality over quantity,we also find another set who believe in setting a record of doing the most number of movies in a year(You know who I am talking about!).

Those who have grown up watching the likes of Amitabh Bachchan doing mercurial roles in Sholay,Coolie,Deewar and Don to name a few would be absolutely at loss of words seeing the type of movies being made today,and by loss of words I mean outraged! The kind of movies being made today are just killing the art of 'acting'.

There was a time when you weren't considered a good actor,if the movie did not run in the theatres. But these days,there are different yardsticks to measure the 'ACTING SKILLS' of an individual. Whether the movie runs or no,whether the cash registers ring or no,you are considered a good actor only if you are a good KISSER! So in general,its a safe bet to say that good kissers make good actors.

While on one hand we have the industry crying out loud saying we should not even compare our film awards to the Ocsars because of the visible cultural difference, some others go any mile under this clause of "the script demands the scene" to do the kind of roles that would that would make us redefine the word called 'FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT'. Gone are those times where a kiss would be as rare as sighting the haley's comet. These days movies are incomplete without the so called intimate scenes whether it is needed or no. Its considered below dignity for a few actors in todays industry if they don't kiss on screen!

Whats worse is to see the industry divided into the so called 'CAMPS'. Like the Yashraj camp, Bhatt camp and so on. A certain group of actors not willing to move out of their comfort zones. While some actors redefine the word versatality,some others simply don't want to move out of their comfort zones. It was appalling to watch the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Macau. Its now been presumed that the Bachchan family is the first family of Bollywood, right?
So it was only obvious that the 'Actress of the Millenium Award' go to the Bachchan Bahu,while some other genuine and talented entertainers who had a huge impact on the audience like Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherji were ignored. One thing's for sure, to make it big in B town, you need to decide which camper you want to be, or marry into a bollywood family. If not for these two, you have to be exceptionally skilled. Is it right to wonder if the so called Acting schools are imparting the right lessons these days?

Probably the only people who have the right to define the role of versatality can be Naseeruddin Shah or Kirron Kher. Oh heck ,how can I forget our own Aamir Khan!!


  1. the western culture has certainly influenced our viewers....we r not the same as we were some time ago...there was a time where emotions could be shown through eyes...but now all of them r fake....people want more exposure n our producers(or even someone related to the unit) create more controversies to sell their product...people want to see wat the controversy is about...its not about good acting....its only whether the film sells or not

  2. uve hit the nail on the head!
    Totally agree with u.

  3. as u said people like Naseeruddin Shah or Kirron Kher or some other actor who has contributed lots to indian cinema would be unhappy with the state it is in.....only the acting families r makin big the Bachchan family,Kapoor family,Khan famlily...not only in bollywood but also others 'woods...they r not letting the REAL talent to climb the ladder as Bachchan did or Amir did...actors nowdays have only one go....create contoversy or exposing...

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