Friday, September 24, 2010

For the love of a city!

Maharashtrian by origin, Tamilian by birth and a Kannadiga by residence. Yes, that's me in a few words. If you're actually wondering if I've been a nomad shifting from one place to another, well you're wrong.

I've lived down South all my life (20 years is just a quarter of my life, hopefully!) and this is where I've learnt the tricks of the trade.

Bangalore is where I've spent a majority of my life in, and this is where I would hopefully like to establish a platform as well, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't travel places nor visit other places.
Bangalore and Mumbai are the only cities in India where in people who settle are reluctant to leave.

There is something about these two cities that makes people stick, even if it means just clinging onto it with a narrow thread. Perhaps explains why SRK made it big in Bollywood, or why Narayan Murthy is who he is today! Isn't it ?

Yet despite the similarity in people's mindset, the 2 cities are vibrantly different from each other. It's virtually impossible for any Indian to have not realized this basic truth - Mumbai is a city on the move. It may seem to be an exaggeration to many until they hit upon the reality. Yet, everything about the city is fascinating to say the least. Right from the humidity levels that greet you upon touching down, to the noise, colour, chaos, and of course the swankiness.

The passion of the city is out of this world, something that was evident when India was sent into a tizzy by a helicopter shot from MS Dhoni that brought us glory for the first time in 28 years!

Whereas in Bangalore, you are more likely to encounter people working at their own pace, convinience, and yet willing to go a mile to get things done.

People often mistake passion with arrogance. I tell them, my love for Bangalore or admiration for Mumbai stems from people's mindset, the likemindedness and of course the work ethic.

While it is common for people in Mumbai to work even if the city comes to a standstill courtesy it's monsoon, it is a sight to see people connected 24x7 in Bangalore to see work is going on at a smooth pace somewhere in Silicon Valley or New York City!

Now you may wonder, what a person sitting in Delhi is blabbering about his love for Bangalore and Mumbai?

Watch this space for more.................Cheers!!


  1. I love the use of words... Very well written and very matter-of-fact style... Makes for a lively read...keep writing :)

  2. I loved the use of words....apt similarities of the work culture of an energetic Mumbaikar and the target led bangalorean....the subtle distinctions between love and admiration is just awesome...i'm just wondering aloud as to who inspired you to write such beautifully and how beautifully chosen your line of r too good!...god bless...will watch the space eagerly!.........

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