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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Afridi's millionth joke!

Just when it looked like all the hue and cry over Shoaib Akhtar's autobiography 'Controversially Yours' was settling down, comes Shahid Afridi's beamer!

Looks like 'Boom Boom' can't stay away from making embarrassing public statements. Known to be a darling of the Pakistan media, he came up with another shocker on Saturday when he apparently saw something the world never saw.

He saw Sachin Tendulkar's legs tremble while facing the fiery Shoaib Akhtar! Did he forget Sachin's Centurion special in the 2003 World Cup, which saw Pakistan being given the knock out punch? In fact, it seems like the norm in Pakistan cricket is to make fancy statements to the media before coming out the next day and contradict it, or conveniently claim that the statement was 'misconstrued'.

Surely this is not the last time we've heard about this, as the Prince of Kolkata was quick to jump to the Little Master's defense. Ironical that a man who never used his feet to play his shots, observed a little tremble in Sachin's feet every time he saw him bat.

Probably he mistook footwork for trembling legs? You never know!

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